Red Ribbon Week

Red Ribbon Week affords our students the opportunity to unite and take a visible stand against drugs. The tradition of displaying Red Ribbons as a symbol of intolerance towards the use of drugs was instituted in 1985. This mission continues today as we continue to work towards the creation of a DRUG-FREE AMERICA!

This week, we will be participating in “Theme Days” to get students involved and excited about living a drug-free life. Through fun activities and creative approaches to anti-drug education, Red Ribbon Week promotes positive choices, good character, and a healthy lifestyle for children of every age. Our theme days for next week are as follows:

THEME: “DON’T GET TIED UP IN DRUGS”– Students are to wear gym uniform bottoms. They may wear neckties, hair ties, a tie-dyed shirt and/or socks with their gym pants. If you do not have a tie-dyed shirt, simply accessorize your gym uniform with the above-mentioned items.
THEME: “WE ARE TOO BRIGHT FOR DRUGS; GIVE DRUGS THE BOOT”– Students will show their pride in being drug free by wearing bright or neon clothing and boots. LEGGINGS, JEGGINGS, TIGHT FITTING PANTS OF ANY KIND, OR JEANS WITH ANY RIPS- BIG OR SMALL ARE NOT PERMITTED. Jeans and loose athletic pants are permissible.
THEME: “LEI OFF DRUGS AND SHADE THEM OUT”– Students will show their pride in being drug free by wearing Hawaiian/floral clothing or bright colored clothing with sunglasses. Each student will be given a lei to wear with their clothes. LEGGINGS, JEGGINGS, TIGHT FITTING PANTS OF ANY KIND, OR JEANS WITH ANY RIPS- BIG OR SMALL ARE NOT PERMITTED. Jeans and loose athletic pants are permissible.
THEME: “SAY BOO TO DRUGS”– students are to dress down in clothing that will make dress ing up in their costume for the Halloween Grand March @ 12:30 PM as easy as possible. This theme is to remind students that drugs are scary and are never an option. REMINDER: PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT YOUR CHILD’S ATTIRE IS APPROPRIATE TO WEAR. THEREFORE, NO JEGGINGS, TIGHT FITTING PANTS OR JEANS WITH RIPS-BIG OR SMALL MAY BE WORN. Leggings can be worn IF their shirt is mid-thigh in length.

Regarding FOOTWEAR, sneakers are preferred. Open-toed or open-back shoes or Crocs are NOT permitted. Socks must always be worn with footwear; no-show socks are acceptable to wear on dress down days with appropriate shoes. Boots may be worn; however, be mindful of the size of the heel. Also, big, clunky hunting or work boots should not be worn as they will take a toll on our floors.

I trust that the teachers and I have your support in enforcing the dress requirements for each day. We are looking forward to an entire dress down week, and we believe the students will rejoice in this as well! We want to have fun celebrations and activities for our students and do not have the time to police dress regulations for dress down or uniform days. If your child is not in compliance with the dress down regulations for any given day, they will be issued a school uniform that we have on hand to wear. Future dress down days will be contingent upon how well students adhere to the above-mentioned dress down guidelines. I believe I have outlined my expectations clearly; however, if you have any questions please call me.

Additional Activities:

All students will be given a Red Ribbon on Monday. This ribbon symbolizes their commitment to lead a drug-free life. They are asked to wear this ribbon each day during the week. Throughout the week, random name drawings will be held. If the student whose name has been drawn is wearing his/her Red Ribbon, he/she will win a prize! Students will have an opportunity to win additional prizes daily. Each student will be given a ticket to enter the contest.

Students are encouraged to bring in nonperishable food items and hygiene products throughout the week to show they are “united” as a school family to help meet the needs of others in our community. Nonperishable items will be donated to the Dorothy Day Center. Please refer to the “FOOD FIGHT” flyer that is attached for items in most need.

Students in grades K-4 will color pictures depicting Drug Free slogans to display and serve as reminders that they are to “Color their world and be drug free.” Students in grades 5-8 will write a short essay entitled: “I’m A DRUG FREE Dreamer.” Pictures and essays will be displayed for Red Ribbon Week.

There will be a faculty pumpkin decorating contest in which the students will be the judges. Each student will cast their vote for their favorite. Prizes will be awarded for the top three entries.

All students, faculty, and staff members will sign a banner depicting the slogan: “UNITED WE STAND AGAINST BULLYING & DRUGS.”

We hope to make our students aware that a healthy and drug-free future is available to each one of them. We want our students to join others across the country by impressing upon them that it is important to “RESPECT YOURSELF. BE DRUG FREE.”