Reading Competition

We congratulate our Junior High Reading Competition team on placing First at their competition on April 3rd.

Team members include: Zachary Cocho, Jack Corcoran, Kallie Gailey, Sydney Greene, Mason Hogue, Erin Talko, Maya Baker, Nicholas Clark, Haley Gray, JoAnna Hoover, and Jude Koehle.

Congratulations on a job well done to our students and to Mrs. Shaw for preparing them for the event.

Many students in 5th through 8th grades will participate in the fall Interscholastic Reading Competition at the Bellwood Antis High School.

The Jr. High Interscholastic Reading Competition will take place on Monday, November 13th. Members of the team include: Jack Corcoran, Mason Hogue, Maya Baker, Nicholas Clark, Haley Gray, JoAnna Hoover, and Jude Koehle. The Elementary Reading Competition will be held on Wednesday, November 15th.

Our elementary team includes the following members: Josh Corcoran, Trevor Fahr, Alec Kubat, Abby Lee, Mark Mento, Alaina Toth, Braden Wherry, Madison Cocho, Austin Gray, and Declan Schrock.

Our two teams have been working very hard and we wish them much luck and success.

Mrs. Frank, Mrs. Shaw, and Mrs. April Cocho, have been preparing the students for the reading competitions. Their enthusiasm and love of reading is evident as they work with the students. We are grateful to them for their time and interest.

We congratulate Mrs. Shaw and our Junior High Interscholastic Reading Team. They placed second at the competition that was held on Monday, November 13th at the Bellwood Antis High School. Way to go!